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Dongyang baihang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is located at the intersection of Yongjin Expressway and Zhuyong expressway, Dongyang, Zhejiang, next to China's largest small commodity city -- Yiwu. Dongyang in painting Wakayama water, picturesque scenery, an exquisite scenery. Here is the Hengdian film and Television City, known as "the Hollywood of the East", and a national key cultural relic protection unit called "Lu house", called "Chinese folk the Imperial Palace". So far, Dongyang has a history of 1800. It has the reputation of the hometown of wood carving, the township of architecture, and the hometown of education.

Dongyang city baihang Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in Dimethylolbutyric acid (DMBA) dimethylol propionic acid (DMPA) three tris (TRIS) 3- (MOPS) morpholine propane sulfonic acid 4- two dimethylamino pyridine (DMAP) 3- hydroxy pyridine, 2- amino -3- hydroxy pyridine, malonic acid, succinic acid, benzene two formyl phthalimide potassium, 5- amino tetrazolium, 5- methyl tetrazolium, EDC.HCL, HOBT, two methylamine hydrochloride, maleic acid, bisphenol Z, Betaine Anhydrous and DMSP as pharmaceutical intermediates, new chemical materials, chemical raw materials and auxiliaries of the development, production and sales. The products are widely used in the synthesis of medicine, pesticides, dyes, waterborne polyurethane coatings, feed, electronics, electroplating, cosmetics, auxiliaries and many other fields.

Dongyang baihang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. insists on the philosophy of technology, innovation, quality, service and win-win. It is committed to sincere hospitality and trust management. We sincerely hope to establish exchanges and extensive cooperation with customers at home and abroad to create prosperity.